Fiat 2300 S Coupe Engine


The Engine
The engine of the 2300S Coupe is based on the "normal" 117 SAE HP 2300 Berlina engine. That engine was designed by Aurelio Lampredi (ex Ferrari). In order to give the new "Gran Tourismo" enough punch, the engine was given to Carlo Abarth for treatment. This resulted in a heavily modified engine which gave a reliable 150 SAE HP. The German car magazine AMS measured 122 DIN HP at the rear wheels in February 1963, which is probably a realistic figure and propels the car to a leisurely top speed of some 120 MPH..

The Abarth treatment consisted of the following modifications:

-Flowed and Ported cylinder head

-Streamlined vales

-Blueprinted valvegear

-Polished Con Rods

-9.5:1 compression ratio pistons

-Enlarged, lowered, aluminum, oil pan for increased oil cooling and lower bonnet line

-Two, twin-choke horizontal Weber carburetors

The general date of the engine are as follows:

Bore: 78mm

Stroke: 79.5mm

Displacement: 2,279 cc / 139.06 c.i.

Compression Ratio: 9.5:1

Cast Iron Cylinder Block

Aluminum Cylinder Head

Aluminum, Enlarged Oilpan

Counter-Balanced, 4 Bearing Crankshaft

Overhead Valves

Two, Twin-Choke Horizontal Weber Carburetors (38 DCOE 13 &14)

Air Intake With Silencer